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Building reliable
Infra stack for LLM Apps

An open-source AI studio for rapid development and robust deployment of production-ready generative AI. Reliable, High-performance & Easy to use.
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Universal API

AI Router

Improve reliability and eliminate need to learn and manage multiple APIs for different LLM provider. Use a single API to access various LLMs using AI Router.
Try our unified API for seamless integration with 100+ providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, and more.
Load balancing
Efficiently distribute incoming requests among multiple models or models
Exponential Retries
Atomatic Retries with exponential backoff
Automatic Fallback
Improve reliability by automatically switching to alternative models

One API to connect them all

Easily switch between providers or models like OpenAI, Anthropic, Replicate, Stable Diffusion, Cohere, and more.

Universal API

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semantic cache


simple cache


Semantic Caching
Reduce costs and latency by efficient caching.

AI Gateway

Missing studio AI gateway allow you gain visibility, control and insights about API Application uses. Track all your LLM requests transparently and conveys the insights needed to make data-driven decisions.


Logging: Keep track of all requests for monitoring and debugging.
Requests Tracing: Understand the journey of each request for optimization.

Usage monitoring

Track and analyze usage, requests, tokens, cache, and more.

Performance monitoring

Understand how much users, requests and models are costing you.

LLM optimization

Easily add remote cache, rate limits, and auto retries.

API key Managment

Keep your primary credentials away. Can be easily revoked or renewed for better access control

LLM Playground

If you are experimenting with LLMs, getting started with them can be cumbersome. We provides playground studio to play with and to make decision to use in a production-ready.